Guide Reverse Engineer Mobile Offers"Monetizer Special Edition"



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Apr 9, 2019
As This question being asked a lot Recently I decided to make this guide for Monetizer Offers specially and every possible way you can find the real offers with
you can find some of these Steps on my recent threads, answers to the same questions "monetizer Offers" How to check them, and if their Preview is True or Not

This is how to check offers/ generally

and this Step "Lazy Affiliates Theory " 👇👇 "was mentioned around a year ago " Still working " for some offers

Also this method can work for Any mVas Offers As @Godzila was asking here

And also the same way i got this offer For @Luke While he was asking about this offer ..

With some modifications, improvements, and solutions for Failed research. as Any research this is not applied for all offers :( , some offers are still hard to get and I love this challenge :)

Why I choose Monetizer, I'm not targeting Monetizer itself, nor any specific advertiser on it, I choose it Randomly, And as monetizer offers Have More complex Redirect Chain/ With Many other Affiliate networks. in one offer.

P.s, sorry if any of the
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