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req: search engine for traffic volume

Adsterra CPA Network


Super Contributor
May 10, 2018
Hi, 1-when I want to search for an offer i go to offervault and other database but if I want to do a search for volume available by geo in traffic source and get a ranking what do i do besides going one by one through excel tables or links that are questionable in terms of reality check ? Is there any resource available ? Kind of "zeropark volume", even less detailled but on global scale ? Intuitive why but If I want to scale a campaign/offer that is performing nicely in a obscure T3 geo my only option to optimize daily routine is focus on those sources that have larger volume.2-lets say CD is doing well ...what I dont understand shouldn t exist a local agency there that have some predominance on the market..i couldnt find any in these less economically developed
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