Guide Questions you must answer while you are using Spy tools.



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Apr 9, 2019
Do you use your spy tools the right way..?" this applies to all kinds of spy tools" I'm using adplexity as an example"
if you can answer these questions, its a matter of time to find very profitable campaigns with the help of spy tools

1- Are you sure of what you are looking for?
Many affiliates don't know how to start searching, they need to get a profitable campaign with one click ... and this can't happen
you must know what you are looking for. if you are looking for a campaign running in special geo or looking for a campaign with specific parameters "device, Languages, etc..", or you are looking for anything hot, whatever it is ..

so let me show you how I start,,.
First, if I haven't anything to work on it. I must start with choosing the type of traffic "in this case I'm choosing Pop". I do look for anything Hot, that "has the most traffic" at first, then I will look at the longest-running.....
Compare both and if i find anything worth checking "this will be a good starting point For me to start deep-diving"

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