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Questions about landing page hosting w/ Pure Lander and Netlify + Cloudflare

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Oct 7, 2022

I'm going to learn HTML, CSS, and JS. But for now, I'm using PureLander for LPs.

I just made a landing page for an offer and set up my custom domain in Netlify.

I used Godaddy to purchase the domain so my setup was a bit different than shown in Nick's landing page guide.

My first question is how do I host multiple landing pages under the same domain name to test with Netlify? Since I used pure lander and Godaddy instead of Namecheap my setup is different from the video but I'm pretty sure this is possible. I will use Namecheap going forward but I already bought this domain on GoDaddy.

I'm going to make and test many LPs, so I don't want to buy a new domain for each one.

This is how it looks in Netlify:


As you can see it's just the .com URL. Cant I just make a subdomain for each lander?

Also, how would I edit the landers code that I made from Purelander? Is that possible? Would I just edit the source code in Pure Lander?

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