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[Question] Problem to convert registration to FTD please help!



Dec 31, 2021

I have a problem like many people in casino/sportsbook vertical converting registrations to FTD.
I know here are many good people here who help and maybe they can give me an idea how to solve it.

I advertises push landig where the user wins 5usd on the casino / sportbet and leaves opt-in an e-mail.

I use push & pop ads mainly propelerads, richads.

I have a lot of registration ( not only people leave mail but register in casino/sportsbook take free 5 usd and thats it),

I work in several countries, mostly leaving an e-mail ranges from USD 0.5 to USD 5.
There is no problem to bring registration but to make FTD i dont know.

The problem arises further on how to convert registrations into payments.

What am I doing:
- user, after leaving an e-mail, is redirected to the registration form in casino.sportsbook
- after leaving an e-mail, the user gets an e-mail that if he has not registered, there is a link to register ( automatic email)
- after 2 days, the user gets an email with an offer in the style of "deposit 10 USD, you will get 10
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