Question about your first scaling



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Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, I'm having my first green for a while now. It's been one week my campaigns are running green. Slight up and downs but I'm managing to run them nicely.
I have two still in red but I'm working on that.

Stats from today:

7 days stats:

This is my spending on traffic:

My questions in more a "planning" one.

I'm running a very small payout offers. The payout is 0,06 avarage.
How can I interpret the data I'm having? Since my experience is very small, I'm not able to understand If I'm doing ok or I can do much better.

  • Is my ROI a good Roi?
  • Do I have room to scale more?
  • Is it possible to make more profit from this kind of offer or should I try bigger payouts?
What I'd lie to understand is how, where u were a beginner like me, scaled your situation to higher profits. I mean in terms of strategy. Since I don't have experience, I don't have past data to compare my performance to so I don't know if I'm doing good, average, awesome or neeeh.

I know I can scale and I'm doing it
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