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PureLander is A secret !


New member
Hello Every one
can I ask you what landing page designing service do you use and how much do you spend every month to create a good converting LP?
I Think the most popular landing pages designing services would be
&so on
start from 29/month ... it's too much
[COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)] here you are a tool called Pure lander you can use for only 25$/6monthes[/COLOR]

actually I'm using it 8 months ago and it's too profitable for me cuz its helped me a lot with PPV landing pages can tell you that pure landers have like 30+ popular landing pages templates affiliates already using it nowadays you can see this pages in Adplexity
you can edit any page you like with your content including images -links everything you can edit it
here are some benefits

Add your Count Down in any place you want and customize it as you like.
You can add Exit Popup to any landing page and it works on mobile and desktop.
Add Vibration to your landing page easily Works in mobile devices.
You can increase the CTR by blocking go back button of the visitor.
Javascript Alert increases the engagement with your landing page.
Redirect the visitor to another landing page after a certain amount of time.
Detect browser and device information of the visitor.​
  • Change background color​
  • Make the whole page clickable​
  • add audio to your landing page​
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