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Hey everyone!

Want to steal the most dazzling ideas for dating campaigns from our conversions optimization team?

No need, we are giving them away during our FREE webinar on August 20!

This webinar, featuring the creatives optimization specialist at PropellerAds, will walk you through various approaches to getting your creative juices flowing and crafting irresistible dating ads.

In this actionable webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to optimize ad copy to drive the most qualified leads possible
  • What emotional triggers to use to hit the right notes with your audience
  • The nuts and bolts of choosing conversion-friendly (and policy-friendly!) images
  • Ways to combine dynamic content with compelling Call-to-Actions
  • Q&A session
  • And MORE!

Mark your calendar as busy on August 20 at 3 PM GMT. Remember, dating can’t wait.


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@PropellerAds I keep trying to add funds and my card(s) won't go through. Can you get anything set up with your merchant account to decrease these declines. I don't get a fraud alert, so not sure what's going on.