Follow Along PropellerAds Pops + Carrier Billing Offers + CPA 2.0 Follow Along Contest

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Oct 25, 2018
🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom
✅ Affiliate Network: Traffic Company / Monetizer
👍 Type of Offer: Carrier Billing (various)
💰 Offer Payout: Various, probably all less than $2
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: I am ready to test a lot of offers to find the winners
🔍 I am unsure about: How to handle CPA 2.0 algo and scale with SmartCPM + Smart Optimization / Fixed CPM

Hey Afflifters,

Inspired by the CPA 2.0 discussion over in the Propeller CPA 2.0 thread, I've decided to join the PropellerAds contest.

The Preparation:
I've been playing with some of the ideas shared in that thread for around two weeks now with sub $0.40 campaigns and managed to find a few very small winners during that time:


Unfortunately, I didn't manage to keep any of that alive or scale using SmartCPM + Smart Optimization / Fixed CPM.

In fact, one of the above campaigns was a campaign I created with the idea to test it in this follow along.

Sadly, the algo didn't even have the time to kill it as it got pulled out of the network yesterday:


[IMG alt="Season 5 No GIF by The
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