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PropellerAds - not getting any traffic from high volume zone? [SOLVED]



Grand Guru
May 2, 2018

did you ever encounter the situation where you just stopped getting traffic from a certain zone, although PropellerAds chart shows there is traffic available for your traffic options?

So I had a whitelist campaign in Tier3 country, and I was getting a few thousand visits per day. Mi bid was pretty high for that zone (around 80% of max CPM bid)

Here is my case:

So traffic slowed down on 29th, and I got no traffic from 30th of August.

And here are PropellerAds stats for that campaign (zone) for last 24 hours:

This is for WIFI traffic only. But I've also created 3G campaign today an no traffic.

I know chart shows traffic for 3G and WIFI in same place, but when you change country, browser etc - the volumes are updated.

I was told that sometimes graph doesn't match the actual numbers, or my targeting might be to narrow.

So just for test - I've created a wide targeting campaign (WW, Android, Chrome, 1 ZONE) and this is what I see:


1 zone, and no limitations when it comes to audiences. This is how campaign settings look like:

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