Follow Along PropellerAds + Golden Goose + Zeydoo + ProPush (First Campaign) #ProfitSeasonsPropellerAds



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Nov 3, 2022
🎯 Trafic Source: PropellerAds
🔗 Traffic Type: Pop-under + Push
✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose, Zeydoo, ProPush
🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob
🌍 Geo: Tier 2
💰Payout: $2
🏁 Goal: Get basic understanding how it works and try to optimize and get +$1 in profit.

This is my first Pop-under+ Push campaign.

I picked up a sweepstakes offer from Golden Goose. Since it's a sweepstakes offer I wanted to try both traffic formats and learn how they perform. I've used backunder script of @Luke. Attached mobile offer to back button and smart survey offer on popunder click button. I've also monetized my pre-lander with ProPush.

Note : Pre-lander design is same but I've created two separate URLs and created two separate campaigns in BeMob.

PropellerAds doesn't recommend using ProPush Smart Tag for Push traffic. What's your experience? Also I think it's too late for PropellerAds December : Snowy Season contest.

I've set daily budget $10 for the campaigns. The goal is to get in green zone with at least $1 in profit.

I will upload campaign
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