PropellerAds - domain name in push notifications



Oct 14, 2021
Hi, can someone please clarify visibility of campaign url in "Target URL" field in PropellerAds Push notifications?


From what it seems to me, this auto populating domain name in ad preview, based on Target URL we type in, is for ad visualization purpose. Am I wright here? And users instead of this see

I assumed that subscribers who receive push notifications, should only see of where they subscribed, and not the domain of "Target URL" of my campaign which is visible in ad preview ( in this example).

I tried to look for some info on their blog and found this:


I asked on live chat just to confirm that, as I'm seeing the opposite in preview, but they told me that in fact Target URL is visible to subscribers. I don't know if there is some naming confusion about this, but I tried to clarify it with print screens etc. and they confirmed.

As far as I know shows publishers domain in notifications, but I'm not sure if this is 100% validation for the above scenario?

So, what is true,
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