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Follow Along PropellerAds + Dating push



Jan 19, 2022
Hello everyone, my name is Vito. I have like a year of experience in affiliate marketing, had my ups and downs and decided to join this community as I believe networking has become extremely necessary in our business. And after all, it's easier to go when you feel you're not alone in your way :)

I've had some experience in Push traffic and Teasers in dating vertical. Been working with the classic dating offers and mobile subscriptions too. Mostly with Tier-2 and Tier-3 geos.

A friendly manager in one of the networks has suggested me to try two USA dating offers, as they convert well with pushes well enough.

So, here we go.

I'm using PropellerAds, as their quality is good enough to determine if the offers perform well or not in the initial state.

Campaign settings: I've set PA settings to the maximum quality (and biggest CPC) for now: mobile only, separate campaigns for in-page push and classic push, only PA zones, high user acitivity, selected age group of 30-49. Left CPC as PA has suggested.

Creatives: usual push angle with girls sending a message, visit a profile and send a video.

Prelander: A simple one pager with additional push
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