Follow Along Propeller-Ads Push Sweepstakes CPC 2nd attempt.



Jul 18, 2021
Thanks everyone for the advice and feedback in my prior FA here;
Propeller-Ads Push Sweepstakes CPC 1st attempt.

If any stranger in internet-world reads this, get a subscription to Afflift Forum - it's totally worth it. I'm making gains here, improving with every test.

FA: This test, is a continuation of the prior one (I've completed the 1st day already of this second test, see below).

Offer Type: Sweepstake SOI
Affiliate Network: MaxBounty
Geo: USA
Payout: $2.40 per lead

Traffic Source: Propeller Ads Push
CPC: 0.03
Per Day Budget: $20
Total Budget: $60

Campaign setting on Propeller Push:
Type: In-page Push
Pricing Model: CPC
Creatives: 8
User Activity: High
Campaign Schedule: West Coast USA 8am-10pm
Targeting: Mobile, Android only.

Tracker: Voluum
Lander: testing 3 landers
Spy Tool: Anstrex Push

This was my action-plan for the test;

1Fix the tracking problems when split testing landers. (Set up the path/flow thing properly) UNDERSTAND FLOW AND PATH.
2Improve the "3-Question Quiz" lander to test.
3Include the prior box puzzle lander to test. (This is a popular lander where you get 3 chances to pick the box which has
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