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Propeller Ads dropping traffic and quality after 2 days.



Super Contributor
Feb 8, 2021
Hey Guys,

I need a little advice for this problem I am facing. I have spent quite a bit of time looking for good offers.
And I think I have come across a couple of decent offers that had potential but I thought the offer did not perform well or is not performing well after 2-3 days.
Even though it had shown potential initially.

But recently I have starting to think that this is propeller ads messing with me or there is something I am not doing right.
So I have been testing 2 offers lately one in Germany and another one in South Africa on PUSH Format.

Initial Germany (Monetizer Smart Link with just one sweep offer)

As we can see the offer was performing pretty nicely even from the start. The offer had a survey pre-lander.
It performed fine on the 14th 15th and started to behave poorly on the 16th. From this day onwards the Win percentage also decreased and things went downhill from there. I did a couple of things to improve it, I tried to increase the bit, although didn't do much of a test to see the results.
I also closed
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