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Propeller Ads Bidding | How much should i Bid? | Best offers for Direct Linking



Sep 23, 2019

I read several threads about carrier billing offers. I like what @Luke is doing, he direct link most of the offers, I have 4 questions about that.

1) I struggle to chose an offer, so how would you pick an offer that fits the direct linking ?
2) How much would you bid ? is the bidding related to the Payout ? or there is a specific criteria for bidding ?
3) Should I rotate several offers in one link ? then picking the winning offer do you suggest that ?
4) If you found an offer for ID, and direct linking converts, When i black list the Zones the traffic goes down on the winning Zones what would you do in this case do you bid higher ?

Thanks I know it's a lot of question but i will be happy if you
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