Follow Along Pre-schooler Punting on a Pommie Push Pathway (PropellorAds & BeMob)

🎯 Traffic Source: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]PropellorAds (push)[/COLOR]
🔧 Tracking Tool: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]BeMob[/COLOR]
✅ Affiliate Network:[COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)] PeerFly[/COLOR]
👍 Type of Offer: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]Gambling[/COLOR] Offer Payout: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]$1.20[/COLOR] I believe this campaign will be successful because: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]Gambling suits push Poms like to gamble (that's English folk for anyone unfamiliar with Aussie slang) I tried it on and got some conversions[/COLOR] I am unsure about: [COLOR=rgb(41 105 176)]Most things - but is the payout enough? Will I get enough conversions to be able to fine-tune? One of my objectives is to test CPM vs CPC[/COLOR]
This is my 4th campaign - the first 3 have been abject failures but (hopefully) useful learning experiences. The first 2 were pops using direct linking and I came to the...
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