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Follow Along Pops Beginner Guide - My FA



Nov 22, 2021
Good morning everyone!

So I started my journey with Luke's Beginner guide yesterday and was waiting for my campaign to be approved so I could start my Follow Along then analyze my first test campaign. My campaign was approved on Popads while I was asleep and hit the budget before I woke up. I quickly hopped on to BeMob to check the stats only to see this:


Now I went into this understanding I wont be turning a profit and honestly I didn't care about making anything. I just really wanted to learn and analyze the data I got from the test campaign. I understood there was going to be click loss so I then checked my MOBIPIUM account to see what kind of stats I had there..


Only to find out I DID have conversions..

I found an article from BeMob about conversion testing but it was a little to complicated for me and I figured starting my FA and getting some help from you guys would help me narrow the problem down. I was really hoping I could go straight to analyzing and
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