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Popads not accepting payment method!!



Active Member
May 11, 2022
Hey Guys,

I'm new here and started with the Pop and redirects guide from @Luke . I was going through top up Popads and I have a problem with the payment methods mentioned there. They have PayPal Card and Bank Transfers.

1- Paypal doesn't work for my country so i can't use that method.

2- The Card method is powered by Paypal and therefore doesn't show my country in the dropdown so i can't use that either.

3- Bank Transfers. I can use that through Transfer Wise and they also have an option to use Wise as well but when you select that option they say that, for the initial payment you have to use other payment methods like card or Paypal but that doesn't work as I've mentioned.

So I'm stuck here. I've contacted support and they just told me to use the other payment methods( that i can't use )!!!

Should i go with some other Traffic source or is there another method or something that I'm missing.

Btw I love this forum Luke has done an amazing job loads of valuable info here way brtter than any courses and Gurus out there!!!!
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