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Follow Along Pop Traffic Fun With Propeller #ProfitSeasonsPropellerAds

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Super Contributor
Oct 17, 2018
Decided to start another follow along for the new propeller contest going on.


In this follow along I'll be trying out @Luke strategy on finding winning camps on propeller using the monetizer smartlink.
Btw if your interested in learning more about that here's his thread on it: https://afflift.com/f/threads/running-trending-campaigns-monetizer-propellerads.5091/

As well as my usual strategy for finding some winners.

My setup:
Aff Network: Monetizer, Golden Goose, Mobidea, Traffic Company
Traffic Source: PropellerAds Popunder
Goal: Make Some Profit

Right now these campaigns are both running on Smart CPM

Ran 2 campaigns yesterday and here are the results:

!st Camp:
This one using lukes monetizer strategy:


This one is profitable right off the bat which is awesome. Not a lot of volume but I'll let it run for another day to collect some more data.

2nd Camp:


This ones not as great as the first one.

Were sitting at -71.5% ROI at the moment.

But I was running 2 landers and 2 offers with this campaign so lets take a look at that:

Here are the landers stats:

Lp2 is definitely the solid winner here. lp1 was just wasting my ad
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