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Oct 24, 2019
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Pay-per-call (PPC) is a customer acquisition strategy in which marketers pay affiliates to generate sales call leads. Many marketers tend to overlook PPC due to its seemingly complex nature, but this channel can provide a high-value revenue stream. Leveraging PPC can help connect marketers with the 60% of customers who prefer to get in touch over the phone before making a purchase. The most successful PPC verticals are those with high-intent customers: finance, healthcare, and insurance, among others. These verticals offer products or services that have details that consumers often want to discuss over the phone before they make a purchase online. Calls are 10-12 times more likely to convert than other lead types, and knowing how to successfully generate quality call leads through pay-per-call is a valuable resource for marketers.

Increasing Lead & Call Quality

When consumers reach out to a company by phone, they are likely ready to make a purchase at the time of their inquiry. They have moved past the research phase of


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