Our Prediction for the COVID-19 Period



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Jul 23, 2019
Hey guys,

Lately, a lot of our advertisers have asked us about the recommended verticals for this period. So together with our account managers, we wrote an article about those verticals and posted on our blog, but we thought it would be interesting for you too so here is our prediction (plus a few tips):

It’s no secret that people are hooked on news sites right now and looking for every bit of information. The news vertical is very popular these days and it is relevant to a wide audience of users. This is your time to offer them something interesting to read or expose them to the updated events around the world.
In fact, news offers can perform well on Push, Pop and Domain Redirect. Our recommendation is to run Domain Redirect campaigns with RON targeting and aim for the big crowds. However, if you wish to target more specific websites you can always choose to target mistypes.
Here are a few examples of mistypes from top US news sites:
  • Foxnews.com > foxnewws.com
  • Nytimes.com > nytimes.cm
  • Washingtonpost.com > washingonpost.com
The current events created a global phenomenon of people spending the majority, and
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