Optimum flow - Male/Female Lead Gen Segmentation



Jul 18, 2021
(Looking for suggestions for optimum approach - White-Hat - Email - Male/Female Lead Gen)

Let's fire up this Email section of Afflift.

This is a brain-storming opportunity, inviting your ideas and suggestions. Whatever comes to mind, creative/practical/fantastical. Let's get creative - have fun with this?

I'm building an email list for a ligit brick & mortar business that has female fashion products. Multi-location USA operation, but Covid has caused some locations to close. Online is where the future is for this operation.

Target customer: Basically any female in the USA is welcome to join the list and could be a potential customer. Most males just won't buy these products.

In the past, this website has hosted self-funded sweepstakes promoted via Facebook and sweepstakes directories. FB ad cost has escalated, and the potential of FB bans and such nonsense make that approach much less attractive.

Since Push ads don't provide gender targeting, I'm wondering what the best approach should be.

a) Only appeal to females:
Serve ads which appeal to female audience only, make the whole flow feminine. (Sweepstakes prizes: win beauty products, fashion items, whatever females want). Follow up with a warming funnel
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