Optimizing a Push Campaign



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May 7, 2018
Optimizing a push campaign for credit card submit sweepstakes is pretty straightforward.

As mentioned in other lessons, your push creatives and landing page are critical. If you don't know your creatives AND landing pages both convert, you won't be able to optimize much.

The first thing you need to do is find converting creatives and landing pages. After you have both of these you can find an offer that fits your funnel. Only once you have all 3 of these elements (and you know for a fact they convert) can you really do optimizations.

If you only have 2/3 elements, there's a problem with your funnel. Eliminating targets/sources won't do much because your funnel is broken.

I won't sugar coat this: You will probably spend $300 - $500 to find working creatives, working landing pages, and working offers. You'll probably make back some of that, but don't expect to break even. You don't have a working funnel so you can't expect to turn a profit unless you're the luckiest affiliate alive.

Landing Pages You Should Use​

You should find landing pages to test, like how I showed you in the spying lesson. I suggest you
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