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Optimization - How many conversions do I need to start?


New member
I know optimization / testing is the most important part of affiliate marketing but I would like to ask you guys how to start optimization process REALLY effectively.
  • For how many conversions do you wait to start optimization process? When 10 conversions are made there is a temptation to start optimization but imo it's too early. So how many it should be? 30 50 100 500?
  • How often are you changing ads? Best practice says that ads should be changed 2x a week but if ads are converting and CTR are good is there any reason to change it?
  • Which part of ad is the most important from your experience? Image title subtitle your domain?
  • What would you do if you have ad which have high CTR but negative ROI? Are you changing ads or changing offer?
  • Which factors in your opinion are the most important in optimization process? OS bid zone id's time of the day? Which one really matters? For example I can do an assumption that 7-9AM are the best time of the day because I have the highest CR / CV but how many conversions within this time span should be to make our hypothesis trustworthy?
  • How you deal with remnant / bad targeted traffic? I am using Mobidea & Mobipium smartlink to cut the cost of this traffic but ROI is negative. Monetizer is the best?
I would be grateful if you can share some best practices from your side! Every comment is welcome. Cheers
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