Open Letter To Voluum DSP



Jan 2, 2020
This is what I have just emailed to Voluum in the hope that someone might see it here...


I have paused my campaign because it was burning through my budget so fast.

My main concern is that even though I selected 'smooth' for my spending approach, I was spent over $70 in a matter of a few minutes. If I had not been there to watch the stats my whole budget would have been spent in a few hours.

I was advised to increase my bid, which didn't change anything except increase my spending.

According to your documentation, I need 2-3 days of testing to acquire enough data before optimizing the campaign. I'm not sure how to set this up and have had no response from my AM after 2 days of emailing, so my campaign is on hold. I deposited nearly $5000 into my account so I would have an AM to help me in the early stages of my 1st campaign to prevent me from losing all my money. I have received more help and advice in the Afflift Forum than from my AM.

My stats for yesterday...

Bids 35,627
Impressions 20,460
Win Rate 57.43%
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