Guide One simple trick to come up with new ad copies/angles!



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Jan 7, 2019
Here is something that I have been doing recently to generate new ad copies/headline ideas for my email and Native campaigns. You can also use this on Push for some campaigns especially dating campaigns. Here's how you do it :

  1. Create a new email account just to receive promo emails.
  2. Pick up sweepstake offers/dating offers and start signing up for them (The data you submit here I believe is sold to a number of advertisers or it might even be stolen I am not sure)
  3. You will start receiving emails about the particular niche you signed up for, and eventually as your information makes its way into the hands of other people you will start receiving emails of all sorts
Open your spam folder in a few days and you will see something like this :

They will look something like this

You will be able to see landing pages like this :

Now these might be very common landing pages, but amongst these you will be able to find some hidden gems which can improve your campaigns. Recently I was recommended an offer by my AM, and a few
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