OK, what am I doing wrong? (Push, Propeller, Sweepstakes, Mobile)



Jul 18, 2021
Hello Luke! I remember you from years ago when I had an account at Peerfly and Trafficvance. After that my life took a few turns and I moved away from CPA marketing. And now I'm back!

So I'm trying Push, which is new to me, at Propeller-Ads. I thought it would be quick for me to catch on, so I jumped into Sweepstakes (doesn't everyone).

The problem is that my creatives just don't get clicks! I'm getting .03% to .07% CTR on the ads. So obviously I'm doing something wrong and it's probably a basic noob thing?

OK so here is some data;
Propeller Ads.
Classic Push.
Geo: USA
Pricing Model: CPM
Bid varies $0.36 - $0.49
Frequency: 1/24
User Activity: High
Budget usually $20 per day, test 2-3 days.
Targeting: RON
Targeting: Mobile: Android.
Offer: Maxbounty $1000 visa gift card, SOI, Payout $2.40

I've tried a variety of creatives, Headlines, Descriptions, Icons, Banners. No good results. After some experimentation, I'm just not seeing progress. I've run out of ideas, so maybe I'm overlooking something obvious? Maybe Geo USA sucks? Maybe vertical sweeps sucks? Maybe I suck (don't answer that one)?

Thanks for any pointers! I'd
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