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Offer Review - Zeydoo Finance Survey



Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
I’ve discussed a few offers I’m running throughout the forum over the years. OneAmour from iMonetizeIt for example (still running it!) 😃

However, there is probably no offer that has been discussed on the forum as much as the survey offers from Zeydoo (the finance offer specifically).

Here is the link to the offer on Zeydoo: https://app.zeydoo.com/offers/2025

You can find all the “Smart Survey” offers from Zeydoo here: https://app.zeydoo.com/surveyOffers

Obviously, you need to be an approved publisher at Zeydoo to run these offers so if you are not already, sign up (they're great, you can read the Zeydoo reviews here on affLIFT).

Alright fine, but what is so special about these survey offers?

Most survey offers require a user to complete a pretty big form or double opt their email address for you to make money from it.

With the Zeydoo survey offers, the path is way easier. The user just needs to answer a path of questions and you are credited for the conversion on the thank you page.


Zeydoo is using the data collected to monetize their publisher and advertiser data from PropellerAds.

This is a really cool opportunity. You can run basically any
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