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Feb 4, 2022
Hello, all my name is scott im from the USA San Antonio tx I've been messing around online for about a year and a half now and have been jumping in and out of CPA marketing from shiny thing to shiny thing and actually getting nowhere got a few websites which aren't bad but aren't profitable. Ultimately my end goal is to launch my own product and get some sales hopefully. Have finally decided to stick to one thing which is running ads so im a beginner but not a beginner when it comes to knowing what to do its just im a beginner when it comes to actually put the offers into play i guess my biggest problem is finding the right offer and building the landing page and linking everything up. Im sure i just stated every new person's problem when first starting and im sure your are all laughing about that . so after searching for some time now i decided to commit to t his forum i had already been following servando for a long time now because he is real and doesn't try to steer you in the wrong direction he tells
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