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November MegaPush Contest


Staff member
This month, the contest is a little different. We will have 6 participants (listed below) who will each get a $50 MegaPush promo code. The participants have 1 week to create campaigns and spend the $50. They're required to post the creative and offer they're going to promote for each campaign below. They need to keep everyone updated on how their campaigns are performing.

At the end, I will post everyone's final stats (earnings) based on the $50 they had to spend. Whoever earns the most money will win $100!

The participants must only promote the FBS offers available on PeerFly for this contest: https://www.peerflyoffers.com/search/?q=FBS

  1. @grocky
  2. @dood
  3. @cpaguy
  4. @aaheroe
  5. @Nick_k
  6. @cwilgus
I've sent each participant a $50 promo code. You all have 1 week to setup your campaigns and post your creatives and information about your campaigns below. Keep us updated!


I will keep a list with links to the results each member posts :)
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Staff member
Well let the contest begin.
Just to add little thing which is not present in above

All participants are to promote only these offers (FBS TRADING)


It has 14 offer's and 14 GEO's which we can target with payout also deffer depending on the GEO.

So, let's do research on which GEO will respond good with megapu.sh.
Ah, that's correct. Updated the thread info. You should only promote the FBS offers :)


Good luck guys... Are they going to share there campaigns creative and landing page ideas after contest is over?? It will be kicka** content to promote afflift referral ;);););)


Staff member
Good luck guys... Are they going to share there campaigns creative and landing page ideas after contest is over?? It will be kicka** content to promote afflift referral ;);););)
Yeah, they need to share everything to qualify :)


New member
this my campaign

Source: megapush
Offer: FBS Trading (South Africa)
landing page : Success story - High Converter (LP6641)
Geo: South Africa
Tracker: Bemob
Bidding: 4 cent - i edited it bid 3.2 will effect next few hours

i run South africa because with high epc and also volume at megapush is low so will running longer to spent $50

my creative and ads


my stats at megapush now :
stat so far.jpg

my peerfly stats now :

stats peerfly.jpg

i make other campaign for south africa, with different ads and landing - direct ads to promote trading .. so for now i run 2 campaign .



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Active member
ok i am in the game now, sorry for the delay, gone to hospital for attending my friend

Source: megapush
Offer: FBS Trading (South Africa)
landing page : Alternate Landing Page 5
Geo: South Africa
Tracker: Bemob
Bidding: 0.03 minimum to check which feed is giving me some clicks
click limit: 250 clicks

after checking the EPC and CR, i decided to go for South Africa ( i will start testing other GEO from tommorow)

My creative and ads copy




Active member
Well done @aaheroe for making a start. One thing that's immediately obvious is that your MegaPush and PeerFly stats differ in the number of clicks recorded - and it's a pretty substantial difference at that. What do your BeMob stats say?


Active member
@aaheroe may be you are right but remember, you are using landing page.

I think 155 people click on your ads and 53 people just click on your affiliate id on the landing page and get to the offer page. So, no need to worry.


Hello guys,

It's my turn to explain my strategy!

I have a lot of experience working with Dating and Payday Loans on several industry blogs that I have. Since a few weeks ago I have started to enter the media buying after discovering the wonderful blog of Luke and this community.
Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with Forex/bitcoin campaigns, but it's no excuse. I will do my best to get a good ROI and win this contest.

First of all I compared the data of each campaign offered by Peerfly with the costs per click on Megapush. I know that you don't have to rely blindly on the data shown by the network, and that a campaign with an EPC of 0 can be tremendously profitable.
But since I have a limited budget and time, and I don't know this vertical; I will take this data as a base so as not to go blind.


From this analysis I got the 4 most profitable GEOs:
-South Africa: Discarded because you can get very few daily clicks, because at first sight it seems the most attractive and there will be more contestants using it, and because I do not know the profile of users in this country.
-Indonesia and Malaysia: Discarded for completely ignoring the language and profile of its inhabitants.
-Brazil: My choice because I know a little the language, is a Tier2 country, the cost of the click is very low and in favorable theory, and is a country with a culture and profile slightly similar to mine (Spain).

Once Brazil was chosen, I proceeded to create several test campaigns with the intention of collecting data and being able to create an optimized campaign.

Test Campaign #1
General campaign using the creativities offered by the advertiser, which I have modified to fit the size of Megapush and added the Brazilian flag to improve visitor confidence.

-Title: Ganhe dinheiro online! 😍💵
-Description: $50 free just for signing up 😎
-CPC: 0.3
-Landing: Split-test with all landings available on Peerfly (direct linking)


Test Campaign #2
Campaign focused on the landing "success story". I designed the creativities using the photo of a Brazilian with a good car to get attention. I make it clear in the message that it is necessary to register to obtain a better quality of clicks.

-Title: Ganho $2000/day sem trabalho
-Description: Inscreva-se e eu vou te mostrar como fazer!
-CPC: 0,2
-Device: Only Desktop
-Landing: Success story from Peerfly (direct linking)


I want to spend approximately half of the budget on tests, and with the results create optimised campaigns and spend the other half on them. I hope that there is a lead so that I can do it that way.
I am using Bemob to track the campaigns, I will put captures when there is enough traffic.

Stay tuned...

Update 16/Nov/2018


After two days of letting run the testing campaigns I have the following results.
Peerfly reports:

Megapush campaigns:

--lost screenshot---

Bemob feed stats Test1:


Bemob feed stats Test2:


In short:
-Spent $12,11 ($5,46 in Campaign #1 and $6,65 in Campaign #2)
-Received 4900 clics (about 3500 unique users)
-Got 0 leads :(

Very bad results, I need some record to be able to make decisions. I've expanded the budget of campaign #2 and I'm considering to deactivate Feed2 since most of the clicks come from it and are not giving conversions.

Has any participant achieved any conversion with this campaign?


Final Update 22/Nov/2018

The last campaign & landing
I ran a bit more the mentioned campaigns and after not having results I decided to create a new one with a landing.
I used the same creativities as in the "Test 2" campaign but I added a landing in Portuguese to try to gain the trust of visitors. I set it up in this domain:

But the result was the same, I didn't get conversions...

Here you have a screenshot of the last Megapush campaign, I divided it into 2 (mobile and desktop) as this way the minimum bid was lower:

And here is the stats from Bemob:

I thought about removing some Megapush feeds and trying to optimize the campaign, but... Based on what? Since I didn't get a single registration I couldn't find a way to improve my campaigns in this way...

Finally, the statistics in Peerfly for this whole period.

For me the result is a real failure, unfortunately I did not know how to do it better. I hope my team-mates had a better finish.

Thank you all for reading me and Luke for organizing the contest!


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