Follow Along Notes of 0 to 100$ while we beat procrastination and get muscular



Oct 9, 2018
Hello guys, my name is Adriano, I'm Hispanic, I currently live in Ecuador, so excuse my English, I'm learning to speak it :), so this week I decided to put procrastination aside, so I started exercising for half an hour, i renewed my afflift account which i haven't used for more than 3 years, and i finally decided to get serious about this affiliate marketing. I deposited $100 on evadav, and i'm writing this, so we're already at the first step, i hope that with this follow along help me commit more with myself and keep track of what i learned and my progress both in cpa and in improving my mood, i have been struggling with that for some time and i think i will stop procrastinating and exercising helps you feel happier and make better decisions.


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