Niche Research



Sep 27, 2022
Hello Fellow affLIFTERs, 🚀

I was doing a little searching but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

If there's something already on the forum, give me a link.

Has anyone ever started a FA, or written a guide about using a tool like ahref's, or any other research tool for niche research?

I would like to refine my niche research skills, and see how someone with more experience uses a tool like ahref's for niche research...

starting from scratch.

I am curious about what features are needed, or not needed to do some serious niche research.

This way I will know what features I need to pay for.

I am interested in finding a niche or niches in the low competition informational niche.

Sort of like the site @Luke is building.

I have had this idea for a few years but never took action, now I see people like Luke looking into it, and now I know it wasn't a bad idea. :)

I want to start out with purely informational niche sites that I can rank on page one, and then use Adsense to monetize it later, then (after Google loves the site) I will branch
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