Newbie Voluum questions

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Dec 12, 2018
I have just signed up with Voluum and one of the interested things that I've not seen before in other trackers is the auto-optimization thing.

I'm starting new campaigns from scratch (pops) and I would like to know if would yyou guys recommend these features turned on by default or not. I am concerned about "over-optimization", I am a big fan of "if they offer X feature, make use of it and save yourself some time" so if it's something already build why not make use of it?

That said, I know in the ideal world I would split the same campaign with the same conditions and having 1 without any optimization vs 1 with optimizations so I can compare myself, but rn I would prefer to "do not compete against myself" so I can actually see some action first.

Flow optimization:


Offers & Landings Optimization:

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