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New to ProPush



Super Contributor
Aug 16, 2018
I'm new to ProPush and collecting push subscribers on landers in general and have a few questions. Here are the steps I've taken till now:
1. Verified my domain
2. Created Smart Tag and added their sw-check-permissions-xxxxx.js to the root
3. Verified it and added tag code on my landing pages.

1. I hope this is enough to trigger push notifications prompt on the landing pages? Do I need any customizations here?
2. The important question is regarding TrafficBack. Is it suggested to use ProPush's TrafficBack script by enabling the Toggle in Smart Tag or can I also use the option of Create TrafficBack in site and just add the URL that appears in my Back button script?



3. Lastly, If I choose to add the URL in my backbutton script, will any of the Propush JS or my Backbutton scripts collide or
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