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New features that save hours of campaign setup and optimization!


Super Contributor
May 14, 2018

New features that save hours of campaign setup and optimization!

Making money from affiliate marketing is not an easy task. But it doesn't have to be difficult. Especially now when PropellerAds has released new automation features — Rule-Based Optimization and Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns.

Rule-Based Optimization

Rule-Based Optimization was designed to help you fine-tune your CPC Push and Interstitials campaigns automatically based on the requirements you have.

When setting up a campaign, specify all the parameters you need: CR, ROI, CR, time period, spend, etc. Depending on your goals, the system will automatically increase or decrease the bid or exclude zones.

Why is this cool? The tool is very easy to use. Plus, you have control over every parameter of your campaigns with it!

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Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns

With this feature, you don’t have to create separate campaigns for each format. Instead, you launch just one CPA Goal Push campaign, and the system automatically creates OnClick and Interstitial campaigns!

Why is this cool? You save time by launching one campaign instead of three. At the same time you have complete control of each of them: setting budgets, audience targeting, and tracking.

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