Follow Along need some advice :) πŸ€‘ propeller ads optimize



Grand Guru
Aug 11, 2021
First of all i want to say that i fond of this forum , i wake up early , open laptop and start reading your awesome follow long and case studies

already i had made some extra money from propush by follow long that i had read here

so now , i had made some campaigns last month from 12-9 to 21-9 and it is stop becuse my budget = 0$ , but the campaigns working perfect and made about 150% roi

this is one of my campaign
- push motification with propeller ads
- cpc model
- with landing page ctr most of the time = 90 - 100% o_Oo_O

that is awesome


now , i have restart it from 1-10 until now

and this is the state for this month

i had made some new creatives , but the old one still working good

i do not know what is happen i think like what most people here say that my ad was in spytools and used by others ;(


offer payout is 2.2$


these are all the converted zones
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