Need a quick recap just to make it clear to my self



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Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, so it's time to me to jump into the landing pages game and go away from direct linking (for now).

Can you please help in find mistakes and errors in the process I think I understood in order to run a Pop Offer properly (using bemob and PopAds):

  1. While creating the campaign as Campaign URL i should use the Campaign Url
  2. On the landing page click to action button i should paste the "Click Url" from the tracker
  3. I should than use a script on the back button in order to fire a smartlink offer. When someone click the back button, the smartlink offer will be fired
  4. Run one Campaign per Geo
  5. Run a campaign with at least 5x the payout x nGeo x nOffers x nLandings. Cut any Campaign which after the first round is not giving me at least -50% ROI or less even if I see some conversions
  6. Run second round of the campaign 10x. If no ROI cut the campaign. If ROI <-50% than optimize
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