Native networks as a source for affiliates in 2022



Super Contributor
Feb 16, 2019
At some point, native was an essential traffic source for many verticals. It was actively used by affiliates for e-commerce, games, Nutra, and even for adult dating. For the ones who are not very familiar with what is native, I am going to shed some light without going into long explanations: a native ad is an ad that does not look like one—users think that those ads are part of a website. And this little peculiarity changes everything.


Providing the banner blindness, a constant critique from regulators, and general public distrust towards the traditional advertising methods, the ability to disguise its advertising nature makes this type of traffic potentially the most promising and rational way of moving forward with ads. But somehow many affiliates were left out of the equation. Let’s try to figure the reasons for this.

As for now, the native ads are mostly being dominated by a few market players: MGID, Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, adsKeeper, Adblade, and Adnow. It has become virtually impossible lately to approve anything that is conventionally inappropriate (and loved by affiliates) at the native advertisement platform. It is sad and it leaves little earning opportunities for
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