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Follow Along My late entry to the GG contest



Grandpa affLIFT
Staff Member
Community Leader
Dec 1, 2018
Well as usual I'm late to the Golden Goose party this month but I have been so busy spending money this month its not funny!

I have struggled a bit with their interface as the logic doesn't seem to work in my head but finally managed to cobble something together

Would love to get a winning campaign and bag me a t-shirt but I fear i maybe too late to generate the required level but we shall see.

🎯 Traffic Source: PropellerAds (for the time being)
🔧 Tracking Tool: Binom
✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose
👍 Type of Offer: CPA
💰 Offer Payout: More than i'm used too if i'm to be totally honest
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: errrr, let me get back to you on that one
🔍 I am unsure about: GG platform and how the hell to setup my bank details there!!

I've decided to use Pop traffic for this initially, mainly because I wanted to get going quick and if i tried push would lose another day or so messing about with creatives!

I have a couple landers prep'd and will try a bit of direct linking maybe later.

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