Follow Along My First CC offer. (ClickDealer + Zeropark)



Super Contributor
Feb 8, 2021
Hey guy!

So alright I am here to testing my first CC offer on push. Even though I was scared to test these for a long time as I have read again and again that CC offers require a huge budget. But I have decided to give it a try, even though I still haven't mastered SOI sweeps yet, I don't how good of an idea this will turn out to be.
Nevertheless here we go.

Traffic Source: Zeropark
Offers: Clickdealer
Payout: 36$
Tracker: Voluum
Test budget: 200$-300$
Geo: Tier 1 (Europe)

Alright after reading nick's recent CC course, I have learned quite a lot of new things. I will try to implement as many of those things as I can in this follow-along.
So for this campaign, I choose 6 landers to test. (1 Spinwheel, 1 Giftbox, 3 Survey, 1 Pending Delivery).
And even though I couldn't find many CC offer trending on the spy tool for this Geo (which concerns me a little bit), I downloaded most of the most landers from Antrex. I also copied all 6 of my creative from Anstrex as well, these creatives were doing pretty good in
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