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My Biggest Frustration, & Advice on How to Keep Campaigns From Dying Every 7-10 Days



Aug 13, 2019
As the title suggests, my experience is that I submit a campaign, it pops right away, then dies out in about 7-10 days. Well maybe dies out is too strong of a term, because they still get conversions, but they start losing money

Case in point: The first 9 days of August, I had a campaign that spent $3600 and ROI was 92% (including a massive day on the 9th, with a profit figure of $400). Since then, my ROI is negative 27%

This isn't just a one-off either. It seems to be the norm

Since the downturn, ad CTR is virtually the same (.57% vs. .59% before). Landing page CTR is at .29% (compared to .32%) before. Tried a couple of new landers and the CTR on those dropped by 50%

How should I handle this? Is this somewhat unique to me? And is there some sort of checklist I should run through when this happens to try and fix the situation?

***I should mention, the only fix I have seemed to be able to find is simply submitting the campaign again as a new version. Problem is, with ad and lander approvals being so random, it can be
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