My 1st FA - Stopped before it even got off the ground



Jan 2, 2020
This was to be my 1st Follow Along but I've been stopped in my tracks. Can anyone help?

Here's the (short) story so far...

I set up a Nutra campaign (native ads) promoting a Clickbank product on Opera using Voluum DSP, geo is Kenya.

After selecting my creatives from across the web, I had to resize each one to fit the required 600x315 requirement for Voluum DSP, which was a pain.

I set my campaign budget to $1000 and a daily budget to $250 so I could choose 'Smooth' spending. I thought that should be enough to test the waters.

With a whitelist of 20 placements, I was good to go.

My landing page was verified and off it went to Voluum for approval. That took less than 2 hours and I was ready to begin my 1st campaign.

So now the fun begins...

Within 30 mins my AM had Skyped me that the daily spend per site/app was blocking more than 96% of the traffic and recommended I increase the limit, so I did - I set all to unlimited except my daily budget which I increased to $500.

But this did not affect
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