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Active Member
Apr 13, 2022
Hey, Afflift-ers!

Lots have happened since our last update here, so take a brief notice of the latest, major Mondiad updates:
- New ad format: natives;
- CPC, CPM bids allowed for Native campaigns;
- New section for advertisers: the Audience tab;
- New feature for advertisers: ad campaign optimisation rules;
- Ad tracking solutions currently integrated with Mondiad: Binom, Bemob, RedTrack, CPV Lab PRO, PeerClick, AdsBridge (more to come)

There are many more updates cooking at the moment, so stay tuned! :cool:
Also, please let us know what you think, we love feedback!


Active Member
Apr 13, 2022

Track your campaign’s performance easily with Mondiad’s built-in event tracker!

Hello Afflift-ers!​

As many of you know, we are working tirelessly to bring new features to our platform, and right now, we have an exciting one to share (we’ve been working on it for a few months)!

We’ve built an Event Tracker that will help you track the performance of the traffic purchased from Mondiad and optimize the campaign easily without additional costs. You must pass the clickid in the URL and insert a simple javascript on your landing page.

How this feature will help you

  • Tracking the viewability (full page loads) for each visitor sent from our ad network and quickly optimizing the campaign by blacklisting the zoneids/subids with low viewability.
  • Tracking the clicks on certain landing page elements (buttons, text, iframes, images, etc.) and seeing which subids/zoneids/geos/devices/creatives are more effective.

What’s the purpose

This feature is great for advertisers who can’t use a conversion tracking tool (even if we recommend this) or as an addition to your conversion tracking system.
For example, if you are buying traffic for your blog and want to track the clicks on the ads from the promoted landing page (you are doing arbitrage), you can do this using our Event Tracker, and you will have all the data together in the Mondiad reports.

How the data look in the reports

Note: We’ve limited the data from the print screens only to the relevant columns.

Breakdown by date:

Breakdown by Creative:

Breakdown by Subid

As you can see in my example (it was a real campaign running for 2 days for testing purposes), it’s easy to spot and block low-performing subids and block them just by clicking on the Active button.

How you can start using the Event Tracker in less than 5 minutes​

Landing page URL Setup

Implement the mtclick=[clickid] parameter in your landing page URL.
If you are using multiple redirects to the final landing page, please ensure that you are passing the mtclick=[clickid] parameter too at the end of the landing page.

Landing page code integration
Step 1

Insert the event tracker script (provided on the campaign’s setup page) into your website’s HTML code. (Ideally in the head, anywhere between <head> and </head>, and tags). Adding only the event tracker code will measure the viewability (visitors fully loading your web page).

Step 2
For click tracking (Actions tracking), you need to integrate the above script and wrap your tracked elements into a div with a data-mndet attribute (you have all the integration details on the campaign’s setup page).

Congrats! The event tracker is integrated now!

What’s next

We are currently fine-tuning the Event Tracker (among other features), and soon, we will release new options in our Optimization Rules system that will help our advertisers to block automatically zoneids/subids/creatives that don’t meet a certain amount of Viewability or Actions events.

Stay tuned! :cool:


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Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
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Aug 31, 2019
It was a great experience , The traffic is good and cheap also there are no deposit fees :rolleyes:, I tested some GEOs and this is the result



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