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Hi, Afflift community :) Let's talk about traffic insights.

At first, you should know, there is a clear country division into tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3.

Tier 1 countries are Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the U.S.A etc.
Tier 2 are Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Estonia, Hong Hong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Russia, Singapore. Switzerland etc.
Tier 3 consists of Central African Rep, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and others.

There are a great many people who consider starting their affiliate marketing thing by promoting Tier 1 offers because of higher payouts. However, they do not take into account the facts that there is fierce competition, expensive traffic/leads and saturated market. So, you may not get the expected return for these reasons. That’s why we suggest paying your attention to countries from tier 2. Tier 2 is characterized by huge traffic volumes at a cheaper cost. However, the drawback here is the absence of high-quality leads and lower profitability. Finally, with good offers, it’s worth experimenting!

You should keep in mind that traffic quantity varies from an ad network to ad network and from vertical to vertical. Some of them will provide you with high volumes at lower costs, others with high-quality leads at a higher price. All depends on your goals!

Our platform provides you with convenient functionality. ‘’Traffic insights’’ is a relatively new feature in MGID’s native advertising network. There are three tables: hot opportunities, low competition, and best performing. By studying these sections, you can predict the budget for test and optimization and avoid running your campaigns blindfolded.




Furthermore, with an initial deposit from 500$, you get a personal account manager, who will help to perfectly optimize your ad campaign. Then, you will also get access to our custom creative service. This will allow our designers and content-creators to help you create effective and clickable teasers.

Check and get your bonus!

We hope you will find this information useful. Please, if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay tuned!

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Hello, everyone! Today we are going to talk about fraud traffic :devilish:


Fraud traffic is suspicious user activity. The sources that generate poor-quality traffic are often server applications or viruses on real users' computers that emulate the necessary browser and human behavior.

According to DataVisor, out of every 100 installs, at least 15 are fraud. Well, premium publishers and CPA networks may have lower rates. But the fact remains: marketers lost $7.2 billion to digital ad fraud in 2016.

As we are interested in native advertising, we will discuss ad fraud. There are two types of ad fraud: those that use non-human traffic and those that use human traffic.

Simple bots or GIVT (General invalid traffic) are scripts from a server. They are easy to identify as simple bots do a routine like switching between websites every 10 seconds for hours. They also use random proxies.
Sophisticated Bots or SIVT (Sophisticated invalid traffic) mimic human behavior. Widespread tactics include imitating real mouse movements and avoiding simple patterns.
Botnets are a large number of residential computers, that generate fake actions. For instance, clicking the ads. Recently, in November of 2018, authorities succeeded to shut down “3ve” botnet that used 1.7 million PCs in order to falsify billions of ad views.

Let’s take a look at more specific bot-like maneuvers.

Click farm. Imagine a lot of people sitting and clicking on ads. Sometimes, fraudsters place ‘’invisible ads’’ behind the main ad in the same ad spot. This is possible thanks to pixels. MGID learned to define such traffic long ago, so you will not be paying for it.
Cookie stuffing allows fraudsters to produce organic traffic as inorganic and get payouts instead of publishers.
For domain spoofing, fraudsters use malware ad injections that represent themselves as a premium website even if it’s not true.
Injected ads are placed instead of other advertisements or replace other ads completely.

How to avoid fraud traffic?

TIP 1. We suggest all publishers should check their traffic for fraud sources.
With limited funds, you can analyze 5-10% of the traffic volume or check it periodically. This will not result in tangible costs, but it will undoubtedly have a positive economic effect and scare away those who will be ready to provide you with poor-quality traffic.

TIP 2. Work with reliable CPA and ad networks that have an integrated anti-fraud system.

TIP 3. Regularly check your performance, namely, conversion rate, retention rate, purchases, and ROI.

How MGID tackles the bot-traffic?

We are a performance-driven native advertising agency, so we care about the results our advertisers get and constantly optimize the ad campaigns. We cooperate with more than 22,000 publishers and use the CPM pricing model. It’s economically impractical to allow the bot traffic to squeeze into the traffic flow. Recently MGID has achieved the Tag "Certifies Against Fraud'" Seal - thanks to our proprietary anti-fraud system and 3rd-party anti-fraud tools. We have been a sustainable native ads provider for over 10,000 clients during the past 10 years.

Check and get your bonus!

If you have any questions, please, leave them below!

Stay tuned!


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Hi, forum people :cool:

Today Health&Beauty/Nutra/Nutraceuticals remains one of the most promising verticals. Skincare, weight-loss, vitamins, performance boosters, testosterone boosters, male enhancement supplements, and brain pills are among the products being sold within the vertical.
But do not forget about seasonality. Weight-loss products sell better before summer or winter seaside vacation.

Finally, based on our experience, we recommend promoting health & beauty products in Asia and Europe (make sure you’ve agreed on decent payouts for your affiliate manager to make it work). In general, turn your attention to Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries’ offers: the competition is less fierce and that would mean that you get impactful traffic volumes at cheaper costs. So it will be much easier to get to the top of the auction and stay there, especially for newbies. Some examples of well-performing offers by GEO are: products for joints and rejuvenation (Albania), weight-loss products (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Taiwan), hearing aids (Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Romania).

TIP. Of course, you can spy for effective creatives using AdPlexity or other intelligence tools. From these services, you will learn that the images showing flabby stomachs and belly fat still perform fairly well for weight-loss. But we strongly advise you to work on your creatives and landing pages. Sending traffic directly to the offer page doesn’t work well. Create pre-landers. Nothing out of the ordinary here – the stories told by regular people accompanied by comments from those who would like to lose weight, regain hearing etc. Also, make sure your advertorial is written in a good language. Triple-check the copywriting! By all means, avoid google translation. You might have seen this landing page, but that’s how offer page layout should look like.

TIP. Invest in your campaign wisely. For instance, set up above-average CPC to get the views you want first. Make sure your creatives are diverse and comply with MGID’s Creative Guidelines. After submitting your creatives, your campaign will be given a rate, according to which your teasers will be placed on particular publishers. To be able to expand your audience you’ll need to create this and that teaser. Be scrupulous while choosing the right picture: the higher your CTR is, the higher your position at the auction. Here are some of the teasers with good results that we liked:

Nutra offers typification (a.k.a how soon you’ll get paid)

DS (Direct sales). Advertiser sells a product to the final consumer at a predetermined cost right now. Nice and easy.
CoD (Cash on delivery). Consumer leaves his contact details, then the call center contacts him by phone to confirm the order. After the confirmation, the consumer receives the command and pays for it. There and then your conversions might appear with a delayed effect.
Trials. Consumer fills out the form on the advertiser's landing page, where they indicate the address for delivery and the credit card number. After the approval, the consumer gets the product sampler for free. After some time, if the client has not canceled his subscription, the product will be automatically sent to him and at the same time and the full payment will be charged from his credit card. This one is quite tricky - make sure the affiliate network you’re working with is able to send you the sale postback at least for the time when the customer is using the sample.

  • fast payments for confirmed leads
  • worldwide demand
MGID only works with licensed pharmacies and products made of herbal ingredients. To skip product advertising, moderator carefully studies its composition.

Finally, if you want to get a deeper understanding of Nutra offers, invest at least 500$ in the MGID platform and your personal account manager will help you choose the offers, best-performing GEOs, and give advice regarding the campaign optimization.

We hope you will find this information useful. Please, if you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay tuned!

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Hello everyone, today we will talk about gambling :devilish:

According to analysts, the profitability of online casinos is growing with each year and will reach more than $74 billion by 2023.

Gambling refers to online-casinos, bookmaker's offices, poker websites, lotteries etc. Despite the fact, this is not a real casino experience, it makes people enjoy a game and relax at home.

What are the common types of online casino games?

Video poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette, baccarat, craps, bingo, and social casino. The social casino is about players buying in-game currency to play. In the end, they cannot exchange the in-game currency for real money or withdraw their earnings.

What is the target audience?

The target audience of a casino are men with above-average incomes, usually, white-collar workers who like to relax at home with a couple of beers, spinning the roulette, playing cards, or trying their luck in slots. They can afford such a luxury!

According to our friends from Leadbit, the main players are men aged from 25 to 75 years. Then, if you make an audience breakdown by age, then you can distinguish 2 segments: 25-35 and 40-75 years old. Basically, they are interested in movies, adult and dating, social media and entertainment.

As for the GEO, the most attractive regions are Europe (52%), Asia (27%), North America (incl. Canada) (12%), Oceania (7%), Latin America (1%) and Africa (1%). The most active players tend to reside in Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Finland, Italy, Hong Kong, Norway, Greece, and CIS countries. Today, the CIS region (Ukraine and Russia particularly) has a high demand for sports betting. Try to promote such offers there, for sure!

Where to get traffic?

Gambling is one of those verticals where the blackhat affiliate marketing is flourishing. It includes farming of advertising accounts on Google and Facebook and cloaking. We will talk about this in more detail in our official thread on the forum.

Farming means to create a profile and imitate real activity of the regular user by posting photos, adding friends, and so on. Then, profile starts to run innocuous advertising of e-commerce products, that in turn increase its trust and credibility. This is the goal of blackhat marketing. Profiles with increased trust lull the vigilance of moderators. So, after a while, you can start actively promoting gambling offers through such profiles and the system will not ban you despite the fact the promotion of gambling is prohibited on Facebook and Google.

Actually, there are more and more affiliates, who have earned huge money on such schemes, coming to the conclusion that account farming is becoming increasingly difficult. Even if they manage to push the forbidden content, the earnings are not as solid as they used to be.

In MGID, we also encounter such violations when a user tries to deceive us by sending to the moderation a teaser and a landing page with one content and changing them to what is prohibited by our policy after passing the moderation. We strongly advise not to practice this approach as such actions do not go unnoticed. Find the right offer, create catching creatives and promote it according to our policy ;)

KEEP IN MIND: if you want to promote gambling offers, you need to check the license. Furthermore, different licenses open access to different GEOs. Gambling is forbidden in the USA except for a few select states: DE, NJ, and NV. If you want to promote offers there, your online casino must be licensed. You can promote gambling in the UK or Canada without a license, but the lawyer should check your product first.

MGID may become your native traffic provider, however, you will need to go through an internal lawyer moderation process but it's not as scary as it sounds!


The promotion of gambling as a way of life and the main source of income is unacceptable.

TIP 1. Do not promise fast money, do not use the word free (deposit, for example), exclude, if possible, earnings on the Internet and other phrases with similar messages - this will all attract an undesirable audience.
TIP 2. Use encouraging stories about people who won in the casino. However, they should look absolutely native.

TIP 3. Gambling offers work very well with push notifications.


Most of the gambling offers work on the CPA model with a note “Lead” or “Sale. We suggest you to carefully study the payout conditions. If you see that for one Lead you will be paid $ 120-180, it does not imply every registered user. You can see in the example below, as it is usually described. Only after all that you will get a Lead and be paid € 140.00:

Conversion Flow:
1. New User Signs Up.
2. User Deposits €20.
3. Sale is counted and Credited

RevShare is another available option. It means you’ll get a cut from the casino’s profits, minus payments to the player, as well as fees of payment systems for making payments. However, keep in mind, that if your lead wins, you may have a negative balance. RevShare is a risky choice but if you have enough money, time, and patience – try it.

We would advise you to take offers from RevShare only if you catch the dynamics of spending the leads that you generate. Communicate frequently with your affiliate network manager to monitor the quality of the leads, and it may be beneficial for you to work this way at some point.

Finally, the CPA-model justifies itself in terms of a convenient and understandable economy: if I bring one lead with a payment of $ 200 every 1000 clicks, and the cost of a click on a source is $ 0.1, then I will earn $ 100 on each lead.

If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments.

Stay tuned!

MGID Team :cool:



One of the hottest verticals that bring stable and high income is definitely dating. Someone is looking for love, someone wants a one-night stand, and someone is just having fun without any serious intent. In any case, these dating services are always relevant.

What are dating offers?

Dating offers could be divided into mainstream and adult/casual. Mainstream dating is for people who are looking for serious and long-term relationships, while adult/casual dating is for people looking for sex. In general, such dating websites usually exploit saucy nude photos and streaming webcam services.

Here you can see the examples of creatives for mainstream, casual, and adult dating offers.


Dating offers are also designed for different target segments. There is “Christian” dating, dating services for gays, ethnic dating offers also become increasingly popular etc. Despite high payouts, such specific audiences are difficult to target.

What about GEO?

Tier 1 countries: high volumes and fierce competition. It takes more money and effort to get good results.
Tier 2 countries: lower volumes and sufficient profit. We suggest focussing on Tier 2 countries for newbies.
Tier 3 countries: lower volumes, not a lot of offers but still profitable.

TIP 1. As the competition is too high, we suggest using spy tools in order to make effective creatives, which you should update constantly if you want to stay competitive.

TIP 2. From our experience, you should focus your resources on Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and Scandinavia.

Which offer to choose?

We suggest analyzing the popularity of the website, checking its specialization, how it works, how much it costs, and reading the reviews.

TIP 3. Users don’t like dating services that ask for their credit card information and have incoherent application forms. Try to avoid asking this info.

Types of payouts.

SOI means a user has to provide only their email. DOI means a user has to confirm their email and do some additional steps (upload photos etc).
PRICE PER SALE. When a user pays for the membership, you receive a fixed rate.
REVSHARE. When a user pays for the membership, you receive a certain percentage of it.

TIP 4. We suggest you start with SOI offers, and then, with the acquisition of experience, choose DOI, PPC or REVSHARE.

Here are some tips for making the creatives:
  • If we’re talking mainstream, we suggest choosing photos of attractive real-looking females.
  • Always use a landing page. Sending traffic directly to the dating offers will most likely result in poor numbers. And make sure the landing page has a simple registration form since it does affect the CTR significantly.
  • We also suggest using a chatbot on your landing page. As soon as a person opens the landing page, they will receive a message like “Hi! I am X. Would you like to meet me?” or “Hi! I am Jane. Let’s talk”.
  • Do not mislead your users, do not promise everything for free and explain the registration process. No one likes a long and complicated registration process, so Facebook login can help facilitate and speed up the process.
  • Be consistent. If you have Asian women on your banners, make sure there are Asian women also on the landing page and in the offer itself.
  • Geotargeting proves to be effective. So, you can attract visitors via statements like “1285 Singles Currently in “Your Town” Online” etc.
  • Some people are highly concerned with privacy, so you can emphasize anonymity.
TIP 5. Don’t discard the push notifications. They have higher CTR and are more engaging.

What difficulties did you have with the dating vertical? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

Stay tuned!



Hi, Afflift community :giggle:

When launching the first campaign, everyone wants to be sure that their budget will be spent rationally and a perfect balance between cost per click, place in the auction and CTR of teasers and landing pages will be reached.

The recommendations in this post are your lifesavers. By following the under mentioned tips you will not only save time but also set up your campaign smoothly by smartly allocating your budget and optimizing your income :eek: So, let’s go!

Allocate your budget for testing and daily expenses

Prior to starting the campaign, decide how much you are ready to spend at the beginning. Take into consideration the type of your offer, available funds, and time frames.

With higher budgets, you can collect more statistical data and determine what is a prime time for your offer in a few days of testing. We suggest starting with at least $ 500 deposit. This amount provides MGID users with several benefits, including a 25% welcome bonus and a personal manager, who will help you optimize campaigns.

Average CPC depends on the primary budget

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and start at $100, we recommend you to set a low bid. By doing so you will get more days and more clicks to test, rather than to set a high bid and quickly waste money. At least you will be able to collect some statistics for the first “small steps” of optimization. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask your account manager for assistance. AM is always here to help you choose the vertical, determine average CPC, share traffic insights and answer all your questions.

If you are an experienced marketer with a solid budget, we recommend starting with a slightly above average CPC. So you can get more traffic and impressions. As a result, you will understand the dynamics of earnings and performance of particular websites.

In any case, your personal manager can provide you with the recommended CPC and answers every question regarding traffic, GEOs and campaign settings. Moreover, we suggest you share payout data with account managers. Otherwise, they will give you wrong advice, which will result in poor campaign performance.

First Optimization Steps

So, let’s imagine you have set up a postback, and you have an opportunity to monitor which websites bring the conversions. Without a doubt, every advertiser is interested in receiving more traffic from best-performing sites. Don’t worry, MGID got you covered. Our Selective Bidding tool enables you to manually raise/low the bid on any site.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to delete the site from your White List, we strongly recommend you to check all the subdomains. Sometimes some of them can convert well and do not need to be switched off. When the campaign is working smoothly with high results, it is better to keep working without any changes, otherwise, it could result in a drop in traffic volumes.

Campaign Volumes

After completing Several optimization techniques, you are able to increase the volume of traffic and, consequently, earn more. Hereinafter are several ways:
- Increase bid on the teaser with - «Boost» button. It calculates how much traffic you will get if you increase your bid. “Boost” button takes into account the targeting settings and teaser CTR.​
- Create teasers of different categories. It’s important to know that after submitting your creatives, your campaign will be given a rate, according to which your teasers will be placed on particular publishers. Here are the rating types: PG, R, NC-17, NSFW.​
To reach most of the websites, we recommend starting with R-rated campaign. R-content excludes erotica, illicit or digital drugs, medicine, nudity, partial nudity, pornography, weapons, and explosives.
MGID reviews the image, headline, and landing page to determine overall content guidelines. We make sure that advertisers and publishers create a match made in heaven. Engaging content builds new relationships and offers additional value to existing audiences.

Bear in mind this classification, in order to meet the requirements of the publishers and reach your target audience. However, most of the top publishers do not allow NC17 and NSFW teasers to maintain the appropriate appearance of the website. Moreover, It is a common fact, that NC17 and NSFW campaigns will bring you more clicks, but not all of them will lead to actions. By creating PG 13 and R teasers you can not only increase impression rate but also conversions. It’s better no to rely on sexual and shocking pictures, but instead design high-quality and creative teasers to reach premium websites.

Please note that if you are using a landing page in the funnel, then it must be also aligned with the teaser category.

- Unique and catchy teasers with high CTR can significantly increase your place in the auction. It is also important to know that if several users run campaigns with identical teasers, then more clicks will receive advertiser with a higher CPC. It creates fake competition, which should be avoided in order to rationally spend the budget.
- Expand targeting. It's all quite simple - too precise targeting settings do not allow you to take the necessary amount of traffic.
- Regularly update blacklists, as sometimes low-performing sites start to perform better with other teasers.

Account Manager Assistance

Set up postback. Even if you use a tracker, it will not give you the opportunity to see the real situation from your MGID dashboard. By post-backing conversions, you can reach the most precious performance of your campaign. Do not understate your payouts. Account managers know the system very well, they can help in the most difficult situations, but they are not wizards. If your payout is $ 10, and the CPA goal is $8, but you will persistently repeat that you need to reduce it, then the account manager will have nothing left but to switch off large, expensive sites, add a lot of small, but cheaper ones. If aiming for quick and enormous profit now, you will lose in the long run.

Maintain your Place in the Auction

Plan long-term campaigns. Permanently engage in site optimization, update teasers and do not stop the campaign. By doing so you may lose your position at auction. It will entail the bid increase in order to recapture the right amount of traffic. So you will face additional costs.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the thread, we will be happy to answer!


Hi, everyone :coffee:

Any advanced marketer knows how to use retargeting and customize targeting to get even more conversions and sales. Let's see what it is and why these tools are beneficial for your campaigns!

Targeting is simple. This is the process of setting your audience. Targeting tool allows you to segregate the visitors from the general audience, who meet the set criteria. For example, on Facebook, you can choose gender, age, marital status, education, work, hobby, and location.

In MGID, you can customize the audience according to GEO (country, region), browser, browser language, devices & OS. Here is how it looks in the dashboard.

Furthermore, imagine a user browsed your website, maybe even added some products to the shopping cart and then left without making a purchase. You could make a profit but something prevented him from completing the action. According to the statistics, 98% of Internet users visiting the site do not make a purchase. So, the question is how to return these users? Retargeting is the solution (y)

From a technical point of view, retargeting is the following: you place the code or pixel on your website. When a user visits your website, the code drops into his browser cookies. Next time, the user will browse the Web, you will be able to show generalized ads or more customized ones.

There is a standard and dynamic retargeting. Standard retargeting shows generalized ads to your recent visitors. While the dynamic retargeting shows ads with products the user has already seen.

This approach proves to be effective, as it enables marketers to target users, who were already interested in a product or service. Moreover, statistics show that retargeting ads are 3 times more likely to get clicks than regular display ads. Another advantage is that retargeting has higher CTR, lower costs, and better ROI :eek:

Here you can see, how to set up dynamic retargeting in MGID dashboard.

Do you use retargeting? Share your experience with us in the comments below :giggle:


Hi, everyone :D
Today we are going to shed light on push notifications in native advertising :coffee:

Push notifications are short messages appearing in the user’s browser or a mobile device. They look like alerts on the top right-hand corner of the desktop and on a mobile screen. This allows you to generate high engagement and CTR. Besides, real-time alerts get people to take action more effectively than any other form of communication. According to studies, 51,42% of consumers find push notifications useful if they can choose to opt-in to websites or apps of their choice.

This is the best ways to receive quality traffic, as users сonsiously subscribe to a website’s notifications, what in turn, excludes the presence of bots. Then, with pushes, you also get an audience highly interested in your product or service.

However, take note that preferred for push notifications may vary from country to country and from industry to industry. Here the general list:
  • eCommerce (3 PM - 4 PM, Wednesday),
  • Media, Publishing & Blogging (9 AM - 10 AM, Tuesday),
  • BFSI (3 PM - 5 PM, Tuesday),
  • Software&SaaS (4 PM - 7 PM, Wednesday),
  • Digital Marketing Agencies (2 PM - 7 PM, Tuesday).
You will be impressed, but CTR also varies from day to day. However, if we took the average CTR for all industries, it’s evident that it is the highest on Sunday and Monday, at 8.2%. Moreover, studies proved that CTR decreases and unsubscribes increase when frequency increases.


  • Ensure your load time is fast, as users are not ready to wait more than a few seconds for push notification to be opened.
  • Make all the navigation buttons, call-to-actions, service terms, and conditions clear, eye-catching and easy to use.
  • Keep in mind that Push Notification has to be short with a clear call to action.
  • Break down your landing page in several blocks including a brief description and preparative calls to action. Such strategic moves will make your visitor interested and low the bounce rate.

Avoid multiple redirects and vibration pop-ups as they tend to annoy users a lot.




How to start Push Notifications campaign via our platform?

1. After logging into the MGID Dashboard push “Add campaign”;

2. Using the drop-down menu fill in each field;

3. In order to reach the audience from a particular region use the Targeting section of your dashboard; Mind that you can include the GEOs as well as exclude them from your targeting list;

4. Firstly, choose the GEO and confirm using the blue arrow;

5. After the GEOs are confirmed, your targeting options will be displayed in the “Selected” field;

6. You may target the users of a particular browser confirming this option the same way you chose the GEO;

7. If you consider targeting the users with a specific browser language, we strongly recommend consulting your manager. He/she will guide you through this;

8. To hit the users of a particular OS and its versions use the following function;

9. After all the steps are completed, push the “Confirm” button and you’ll see a wider interface where you can schedule the time your campaign is live, as well as the daily limits by budget, clicks or conversions.

If you have any questions, leave them below!

Stay tuned!