Official Meet Keitaro Tracker



Nov 11, 2020
Hi All!

This is the official Keitaro tracker account. Keitaro is one of the top traffic trackers for affiliates.
Keitaro allows:

- to park domains and use them as campaign links;
- dynamically change the content of JS and PHP websites;
- upload landing pages and open them without redirects;
- send postbacks from order forms on a website or affiliate networks to a tracker;
- send and receive postbacks via API;
- create and use smart links;
- integrate websites on third-party servers and hostings;
- integrate WordPress sites hustle-free with Keitaro plugin;
- create users with different levels of access;
- build reports using 30+ metrics to measure campaign performance.

Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker which means your data is only yours, and only you have an access to it.

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