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Official Meduza-ADX is push and pops traffic for your offers

CPA.House - TOP affiliate network


Oct 3, 2021
Meduza-Adx is a self-serve advertising platform, specializing in various Push traffic formats and working with most types of offers.

Meduza-Adx utilizes the best and proven technologies, which increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Having experienced support managers onboard, allows the company to effectively build direct long-term relations with its partners and clients.

Following traffic types are available:
  1. Push Notifications.
  2. Pop ads.
  3. In-Page Push Notifications.
  4. iOS Calendar.

Advantages of buying traffic in Meduza-Adx:
  1. Global coverage: you can buy traffic from any country.
  2. Easy-to-use self-serve platform: you can launch your advertising campaigns within few
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