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May 2019 - Top Forum Content


Staff member
May was yet another epic month here on affLIFT. We continued celebrations of our first birthday (first full year since launch) with an awesome contest and saw a ton of great new content posted by members as well as many new members joining the community! :)

If you're interested, you can find our previous month's update here:

Here is the top forum content from May 🚀


Top Threads

Because of our birthday contest, we had some great new follow along threads published, but surprisingly, those did not dominate the top threads for the month:
I have a few takeaways from the top content from last month here on the forum:

- We need to do more AMAs and @DEADZ has been doing a great job contributing to the community.
- We need to do more giveaways. Thanks again @Tyoussef for giving those PureLander memberships away!
- The step-by-step PureLander tutorial is a real winner. This is how other companies in the community can grow their business with our members. Great product and instruction.
- Spy tools are super popular and both Anstrex and AdPlexity got are great tools.

I also want to mention that our affiliate marketing promo codes page has had the most traffic out of any thread for months now :D


Top Affiliate Marketing Articles

The Articles section of affLIFT has been growing every month and it's helping draw new members into the community. Last month, we saw some of our old articles still getting a lot of traffic and some new articles starting to take off:
It's great to see our new articles doing well and that our reviews are starting to get some SEO traffic. I will be investing more money into this type of content for sure :)


Top Link Directory Listings

Another valuable resource we have available here on affLIFT is our Affiliate Marketing Link Directory. The goal for the directory is to provide affiliates with organized information on the resources they will need to be successful in their affiliate marketing efforts. I am continually updating the directory listings and last month we also saw many members posting their own ratings and reviews on the resources, which was great to see!

Here are the top listings:
It's great to see so many people taking a look through our traffic sources, spy tools, and trackers.


Top Posters of the Month

Finally, let's take a look at the top contributors on the forum last month. This is what I call our "Top Members", but we have so many great members that it's hard to put a few people on a list. However, these were the most active members in May:
We have over 15,000 users now and we're well on our way to reaching our goal of 25,000 registered users by the end of this year. I can only imagine the massive value our amazing community will be able to provide each other at that level.

I promise to continue to put as much of my resources as possible into our community so we can reach that level.

Onward and upward 🚀


Staff member
really nice, afflift is growing.
and the content is amazing so as the members.
I appreciate your kind words.

Our community is definitely growing. We're seeing people become active. We're seeing great campaigns. Unfortunately, many members are still struggling to find successful campaigns, but that's pretty common with affiliate marketing. Those who don't give up will find winners (I just found a new one yesterday that I've already posted a follow along for) :D