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Marking My First Profitable Day. PropellerAds Push Tier3 Sweepstakes.



Jul 18, 2021
I regrouped and took the advice of Afflift members here after my last post;

The creatives were revised slightly, and moved to another Tier3 Geo. I targeted only the ISPs that were profitable on prior campaigns and ran another test in the new Geo. Usually the first day of my campaigns are not profitable, and things only start improving after a few days of data and optimization attempts. Even then, it ends in losses, but knowledge was gained.

This campaign is profitable on the first day! I haven't even started optimizing placements.

OK so don't laugh at the miniscule profit.


It's small, but this is a milestone that indicates a profitable future. It's just a start.

Tier 3
Sweepstakes Pin submit
Payout is $0.80 (less for traffic-back)
Traffic PropellerAds Push
1st day of campaign data (screen images) below.
Bid model CPC
Conversions 9
Revenue $7.32
Ad spend: $5.64
Creatives CTR 2.88%
Campaign ROI +29.78%
PropellerAds Clicks on creatives 512
Landing page unique visits 542
Landing Page Conversion Ratio 1.62% (unique visits CR)

PropellerAds traffic report (some conversions did not post-back due to operator error).


Affiliate network conversion report:




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