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Look for the less popular traffic sources

Riddick's Call


Grand Guru
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Jan 7, 2019
This post might be a bit pre-mature but just last week I was looking for a new traffic source, one where maybe there is not as much competition!

Now in my search, I discovered plenty of sources which are not as big or famous, especially in forums.

Personally, I looked up some DSPs like VoluumDSP and SmartyAds and found many non-mainstream traffic sources on there.

Most of these sources are not self-serve. That is, you cannot top-up and run traffic as you do on PropellerAds or Taboola/Revcontent whatever.

It usually involves a meeting with them and they will create an invoice for you to pre-pay.

Max I have been quoted was $10k to start with but there are plenty of sources around which accept lesser amounts.

These sources usually broker their traffic through many of the popular traffic sources that all of us use here. But sometimes, it might make more sense to go directly to the source for cheaper traffic and probably less competition :D

Around 10 days ago, I found one such source and decided to give it a go. I had seen this source around as a placement (widget) on multiple Native networks before and I
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